About Us

Welcome to Be Apparel! We are very excited to share our passion project with you! What you will find here is the result of our years-long journey to breathe life into our lifelong dream; to break into the fashion industry with high quality, on trend pieces.

Our core belief is that through our choices in apparel, we have the ability and the power to express ourselves freely. Through our fashion choices, we can boldly face the world in the way that WE choose to present ourselves. We know that clothing choices reflect more than just pieces of material on our bodies, they reflect our unique personalities and our lifestyles.

We are a group of people who, probably like yourselves, have always been passionate about fashion. We are avid shoppers who know exactly what we look for in terms of the design and quality of the clothes we purchase. Throughout our lives, we have always felt like we've had to choose between quality and price. When our eyes land on that really great shirt, or that fantastic jacket, more often that not, the price tag will deter us from buying that piece. And finally, we decided to do something about it.

Over the past few years, we travelled around the world, to the most coveted fashion destinations, to fully learn and get a grasp on how to produce a designer-quality line at affordable prices. And we landed in Turkey. We found the quality of material, the craftsmanship, the stitching and finishing at esteemed Turkish manufacturers to be FAR superior to those of other high-production manufacturers used by other designers.

That being said, we are a proud American company based in Seattle, Washington.  Any product that you order from us will be shipped to you from Seattle and all returns will be made to Seattle.

We are very proud of how our premier line turned out and we are positive you will be too. We hope that you will continue to check back for new styles coming out periodically and we hope they you will grow with us as we slowly venture into all lines of fashion.

And remember:

Be Bold, Be Unique, Be Fearless